103.  100701 UA93 ZOB to NEADS Bomb on Board

ID Tech:  Huntress ID, nonsecure line.

Cleveland Center:  I believe I was the one talking about that Delta 1989.

ID Tech:  Go ahead.

Cleveland Center:  OK, well, uh, disregard that, ah, did you—

ID Tech:  What we found out was that he was not a confirmed hijack, however—

Cleveland Center:  Ok. I, I don’t want to even worry about that right now. We’ve got a United 93 out here, are you aware of that, that has a, that has a bomb on board.

[Background] Sr. ID Tech:  We’ve got three more hijacked airborne.

ID Tech:  A bomb on board? And is this confirmed? Do you have a mode 3, sir?

Cleveland Center:  No we lost his transponder. Um, what we want to know is did you scramble airplanes on that Delta 1989?

[Background] Sr. ID Tech:  We have a bomb on board, Boston—

ID Tech:  We did, out of Selfridge and Toledo, sir.

Cleveland Center:  Did you, did you? Are they in the air?

ID Tech:  Yes they are.

Cleveland Center:  Is there any way we can get them to where this United is?