104.  100901 UA93 Negative Clearance to Shoot

Nasypany:  One five two seven, mode 3, do we have a track number? 1527, ode 3 we got a track number?

Nasypany:  Ok, we got a mode 3 on this, ah, United 93.

Nasypany:  How close are you?

[Background] Unknown:  (Indistinct).

[Background] Sr. ID Tech:  (Indistinct) three nine five one north.

Nasypany:  Three nine five one north.

[Background] Sr. ID Tech:  Zero seven eight four six west.

Nasypany:  Zero seven eight four six west.

[Background] Sr. ID Tech:  This is the guy with the bomb on board.

Nasypany:  Got it.

[Background] Unknown:  I just got off the phone with the Colonel and he has one E3 on, that’s on its way out here (indistinct).

Nasypany:  Toledo was—look for him. Hey, I need a track number.

Nasypany:  Ok. Hey, Brian, ok, 2 Syracuse birds will be airborne in less than 20 minutes, any weapons?

[Background] Unknown:  (Indistinct) near Pittsburg, mode 3, one five two seven.

Nasypany:  We don’t know. Just press with that.

[Background] Unknown:  We have any committed on the one aircraft with a bomb on it?

Nasypany:  We’re gettin to it. We don’t know where it is, we’re gettin’ track on it.

Unknown:  Pass that to weapons.

Nasypany:  Yeah. Ok. Got it.

[Background] Unknown:  United nine three, mode 3, one five two seven.

Nasypany:  Negative, negative clearance to shoot.

Nasypany:  Jaime?

[Background] Unknown:  One five two seven Brian.

Nasypany:  God dammit. Foxy?

Fox:  I’m not really worried about code words (indistinct).

Nasypany:  Fuck the code words. That’s perishable information. Negative clearance to fire. ID type, tail. Hey, let your guys know also.