105.  101145 NEADS Discussion with Syracuse Cdr

Nasypany:  Sir, how’re you doing?

Syracuse CO:  I’m doin’, well, as good as can be expected. Ah, I’ve got guys that will be launching in about 15 minutes.

Nasypany:  Appreciate it. Are they loaded?

Syracuse CO:  We’ve got hot guns, that’s all I’ve got.

Nasypany:  Hot guns, well that that’s good enough for me, for the time being. Only words I’ve got, I’ve got another aircraft with a possible bomb on board. It’s in, ah, Pennsylvania, York? –approximate area.

Syracuse CO:  Yeah, that’s south.

Nasypany:  Yeah, south of us, and there’s also the possibility of another one that’s possibly at Cleveland area.

Syracuse CO:  Ok. You have vectors on those?

Nasypany:  Not yet. Looks like one, the one, over Cleveland turned around looks like he's headin' back. The guy down at York, Pennsylvania, he's heading north, northwest.

Syracuse CO:  Ok. We might be able to get those two.

Nasypany:  Yeah, and the call sign for the guy in York is United 93, mode 3 of fifteen twenty seven.

Syracuse CO:  Ok, doesn't help us. We can't interrogate.

Nasypany:  Ok. I got, and I got this other guy out west, he's American.

[Background] Unknown:  Who’s that guy? Track just faded over Cleveland.

Nasypany:  Excuse me. Ok, I’ve got one that just faded over Cleveland, Delta eight niner, mode 3. Uh, I know that’s not going to help you, but if you’re talking to FAA they might be able to help you, thirteen oh four.

Syracuse CO:  Ok. When we get our guys airborne they are going to contact you on two six zero point nine, I’ve got two jets right now, do you need more than two?

Nasypany:  Can you bring up two more?

Background Voice:  Get four, sir.

Syracuse CO:  Yep, yeah.

Nasypany:  OK, thank you sir, and if you want to talk to Colonel, ah, Marr he is up at six four oh three, sir.

Syracuse CO:  Thank you.