109.  1053 New direction coming down

Cobra One:  Huntress, ah, Cobra's got about, ah, one plus thirty play time right now.

Huntress:  Copy that, thank you. One plus thirty play time.

Cobra One:  Apex is one plus fifty.

Huntress:  Copy, thank you. Fourteen fifty three, one thirty, one fifty.

Cobra One:  Huntress, ah, Cobra One.

Huntress:  Go ahead.

Cobra One: Ah, if it matters, ah, Cobra and Apex, flight, ah, (indistinct) on board is, ah, hot gun only.

Huntress:  Copy. Understood that from the SOF before you took off. It's better than nothin'. Uh, there's new direction comin' down, stand by. I don't have, ah, I don't have secure capability, but I'll brief you in a few minutes once they finish givin' me the word.

Cobra One:  Cobra One.