110.  1053 Boston track of interest

Panta One:  Zulu five five thirty BRA seventeen thousand, flanking two eight zero.

Background:  Goin' over Boston.

Controller:  Yes.

Major Fox:  If you have a track of interest—

Panta One:  Panta's dropping a group, BRA, ah, zero six zero (indistinct).

Controller:  Hold on, they're talkin' to me right now, just a second.

Controller:  Panta, Huntress, stand by one.

Controller:  Ok, ok, give me what you were talkin' about.

Background:  (Indistinct) I need you to give me (indistinct).

Controller:  Tell me what you need to tell me.

Controller:  This is for Panta One, correct, they're capping over—

Major Fox:  Yes.

Controller:  Boston—ok, what.

Major Fox:  Any track of interest that's headin' towards a major city you will ID, if you cannot diver them away from a major city, you are to confirm with me first, most likely you will get clearance to shoot.

Controller:  And tell me, I have to tell them that in the clear?

Major Fox:  You can tell them exactly in those words

Controller:  Ok.

Background:  (Indistinct).

Controller:  Stand by. I gotta pass this right now.

Controller:  Panta one, Huntress.

Panta One:  Panta One

Controller:  Panta one call all, all and any tracks of interest, verify if they were going toward a major city, mission ID, unsuccessful, divert, ask for our clearance to shoot.