112.  1103 Cleared to engage

Controller:  I told them our mission is to protect major centers and we're goin' to take you and drag you down to Pittsburgh, and do this, because I got a tanker comin' now.  But, ah, I just want to give them an ROE because it's gonna' be auto-ops once he's down there.  So I want to make sure I got clear concise words to him before he leaves.  Granted they only got four turrets of guns

[Background] Unknown:  If they don't, ah, if they do not, don't respond to divert to hand signals and divert procedures and are headed toward a major area then you are cleared to engage.

Controller:  Wilco.

Controller:  Cobra and Apex, this is Huntress.

Cobra One:  Huntress.

Huntress:  Okay, there is still a bit of traffic airborne, they're not all completely down, I imagine it's all low south of you, if you'll hold two loops before the tanker gets, ah,  Oh, shit, I need a check list. 

Cobra One:  Cobra Onecopies

Controller:  OK, I have ah ROE instructions, are you ready to copy?

Cobra One.  Stand by, Huntress. 

Cobra One:  This is, ah, Cobra One, go ahead.

Controller:  Ok the, OK the direction ah protectin' the major centers, when you're overhead the major center, be it Pittsburgh in this case, you're, you have intercept authority on any traffic in the area.  And if, if the traffic does not respond to, ah, hand signals, divert procedures, anything like that, and they continue to press in a threatening manner towards the major center, you're cleared to engage.

Cobra One:  Cobra copies.