34.  084131  AA11 UA175 ZNY Reort of Suspicious Transmission Boston

UA175:  New York, United 175, heavy.

New York Sector:  United one seventy five, go ahead.

UA175: Ah, we figured we’d wait to go to your center, ah, we heard a suspicious transmission, ah, on our departure out of Boston, ah, with someone, ah, uh, sounded like someone keyed the mike and said, uh, everyone, uh, stay in your seats.

New York Sector:  Oh, ok, I’ll pass that along over here. Hey Kingston on ninety three line.

Kingston Sector:  Go ahead.

New York Sector:  That United 175 just came on my frequency, and he said that he heard a suspicious, uh, transmission when they were leaving Boston.

Kingston Sector:  Oh yeah?

New York Sector:  Everybody stay in their seats, that’s what they heard as a suspicious transmission. Now that USAIR five eight three code, the American he spotted him, was at twenty nine.