37.  085323  UA175 ZNY Report to Sup and Code 3321

Dial tone

Battaglia: Tim?

New York Controller (Unknown):  Hello?

Battaglia:  Do you, ah, see that United 175 anywhere? And do me a favor, you see that target there, the thirty three twenty one code, at thirty three five climbin’? Don’t know who he is, but you got the USAIR 583 if you need to descend him down you can. Nobody, we, we have a hijack, we have some problems over here right now.

New York Controller (Unknown):  Oh you do?

Battaglia:  Yes. That, that may be real traffic, nobody knows, I can’t get a hold of United one seventy five at all right now, and I don’t where he went to.

New York Controller (Unknown):  Alright. Ok, I’ll see if I have one.

Battaglia:  Alright.

New York Controller (Unknown):  Ok.

Battaglia:  United 175, New York.