38.  085408  UA175 ZNY Controller works UA175 and AA11 issue

Battaglia:  USAIR 583, go ahead.

USAIR583:  Yeah, yes, ah, reports on over the radio of a commuter plane hittin’ the World Trade Center. Is that, ah, seven—oh—seven six still in the air?

Battaglia:  Don’t know but just stand by. Delta 2433 turn left to a heading of one seven zero, now. I have traffic, I’m not really sure if it’s good, out of thirty two, might be descending, might be climbing. I’m showin’ him at thirty one right now.

            [Background] Unknown: 315 turn left.

D2433:  (Indistinct) out of twenty four, thirty three.

            [Background] Unknown:  (Indistinct) turn immediately, two zero zero.

Battaglia:  United 175, do you read New York?

[Background] Unknown:  One o’clock, ten miles turning into your airspace, descending out of thirty three.

Battaglia:  Delta 2433, umm, can you climb to flight level three three zero, the traffic looks like he’s descended back down to thirty one, now.

D2433:  Yeah, we can go up.

Battaglia:  Ok. Climb and maintain flight level three three zero, Delta 2433.

D2433:  Climbin’ to thirty three, Delta 2433.