39.  085751  UA175 ZNY ID as UA175 complex traffic

New York Center:  (Internal communication).

Battaglia:  (Indistinct).

New York Controller Unknown:  Go ahead

Battaglia:  Oh, I’m sorry, I got some hand offs here. We got some incidents goin’ over here. The Delta 2433 gonna be ok at thirty three?

New York Controller Unknown:  (Indistinct).

Battaglia:  I’ve got him climbin’ for traffic, if they can. United 175 that just took off out of a, thing, we might have a hijack over here, two of ‘em

New York Controller Unknown:  (Indistinct).

Battaglia:  So, is Delta 2433 ok comin’ back?

New York Controller Unknown:  Yes, Delta thirty three.

Battaglia:  Ok, and, uh, Delta 1489 is comin’ to you, also.

New York Controller Unknown:  Ok (indistinct).

Battaglia:  Delta 1489 contact New York Center, now, on one three four point three two.

D1489:  Delta 1489, three four three two

Battaglia:  Delta 2433, thank you for your help. That, ah, United just took off and we’re not really sure what he’s doin’. You thought it was United seven sixty seven, though?

D2433:  That’s, ah, that’s what it looked like.

Battaglia:  Thank you Delta 2433. Climbing at two seven zero, join J seventy five. Resume all navigation, thanks for the climb.