41.  090021  Hey Joe ZNY TRACON x1085 TMU

New York Center Unknown:  Hey Joe, you see three three two one code just southwest of Newark by about fifteen, eighteen, twenty miles.

Joe:  Hold on.

New York Center Unknown:  Fifteen thousand, descending.

Joe:  I’m looking, hold one, southwest of Newark by about fifteen twenty?

Joe:  I don’t see any.

New York Center Unknown:  They were trackin’ him, made a hard left turn, he descended pretty rapidly, and especially with just happened in there.

Joe:  I got somebody that keeps coasting, but he looks like he’s goin’ into one of those small airports down there.

New York Center Unknown:  Hold on a second. No, this guy’s a big boy. This guy’s a big boy cause he’s leavin’ some big contrails, I’m trying to bring him up here, get ya, there he is, right there, hold on.

            [Background] Unknown: Southwest of Newark.

Joe:  He’s out of ninety five hundred, nine thousand now

New York Center Unknown:  Do you know who he is?

Joe:  We just, we just, we don’t know who he is. We’re just pickin; him up now.

New York Center Unknown:  Alright.  Heads up man, looks like another one.

Joe:  Alright.