42.  090247  UA175 Vis United Report into Tower TRACOM TMUDD

New York Center Unknown:  Hey, can you look out your window right now?

New York TRACON:  Yeah.

New York Center Unknown:  Can you, can you see a guy at about four thousand feet, about five east of the airport right now, look’s like he’s—

New York TRACON:  Yeah, I see him.

New York Center Unknown:  Do you see that guy, look, is he descending into the building also?

New York TRACON:  He’s descending really quick too, Yeah

New York Center Unknown:  Well that’s—

New York TRACON:  Forty five hundred feet now, he just dropped eight hundred feet in like, like one, one sweep.

New York Center Unknown:  That’s another situation. What kind of a plane is that, can you guys tell?

New York TRACON:  I don’t know. I’ll read it out in a minute.

[Background] New York TRACON: (Indistinct).

New York TRACON:  Another one just hit just hit the building.

New York Center:  Wow.

[Background] New York TRACON:  (Indistinct). Oh my god.

New York TRACON:  Another one just hit it hard.

New York Center:  Another one just hit the World Trade.

New York TRACON:  The whole building just, ah, came apart.

[Background] New York TRACON:  (Indistinct). Oh my god.

New York Center Unknown:  Holy smokes. Alright. I guess you guys are going to be busy.

New York TRACON:  Ok.