49.  090713  ATCSCC  ACARS Increase Security Internationals

Herndon Center:  Terry go ahead?

Boston Center:  Ah, is there a way, or, to try to get messages to the airborne aircraft to increase sec—ah, security to the cockpit, or somethin’, the ACARS or somethin’?

[Background] Unknown:  I’d just as soon not have anyone else up there, that can—

Boston Center:  We got internationals that are comin’ into the vicinity. We’re trying to talk to them but we don’t want to, ah, scare anybody, but we want the ah, we’re talkin’ about possibly makin’ some, ah, transmissions on frequency for these guys coming overseas to just ah, you know increase the security for cockpit operations.

Herndon Center:  Yeah, Terry, we’re getting a lot of traffic on this bridge, I, I copied that, let’s keep doin’ that, ah, contact to the Command Center, the ATA rep, see if we can get the airline company operations to contact their aircraft.  I’d recommend, ah, maybe, possibility of the stuff coming in from overseas, Bangor as an alternate site, but leave that up to them.

Boston Center:  Yeah, we’ll leave it up to them, but we’re also gonna let them know to increase the security for cockpit access.

Herndon Center:  Alright, ah, that sounds like a good plan.