51.  091042  Cockpit Security ZBW Advises 3 more planes

US1168:  Boston, good morning US 1168 checkin’ in, ah, two eight oh.

Cape Sector:  (Indistinct) sixty eight, Boston Center good morning. Did you copy advisory to heighten your cockpit security, cockpit awareness?

US1168:  Ah, negative, sir, say again.

Cape Sector:  (Indistinct) sixty eight, uh, all FAA facilities are advising all air carriers to heighten their cockpit awareness. There’s been at least one hijack this morning and possibly two

US1168:  Ok, roger 1168, we copy, and just, ah, to confirm that was an airliner that crashed into the World Trade Center?

Cape Sector:  That’s what we understand, possibility of two.

US1168:  Ok, thank you, sir, good morning.

Cape Sector:  USAIR 2047, did you copy this?

USAIR2047: Affirmative, thank you.

Southwest1029:  Boston Center, good morning. Southwest 1029, flight level three two zero, ah, climbing to three five zero, and we copy all the reports

Cape Sector:  Southwest 1029 (indistinct).