55.  090830 Langley Battle Stations not Scramble

Nasypany:  OK, this is what I got goin’. Tell Foxy to scramble Langley, send ‘em in same location

Nasypany:  Battle, battle stations or scramble?  Battle stations only at Langley. Ok, this is, ah who’s up there? OK, are you listening? What I told the SD so far we need to get those fighters over Manhattan cuz’ we don’t know how many guys are out of Boston, could be two, could be more.

Nasypany:  I don’t know, just in case. Not down in Whiskey one oh five where they, where FAA wants to hold them. We need to be more (indistinct) and stick ‘em, you know.

[Background] Military Controller Unknown:  (Indistinct).

Nasypany:  We're workin' it (indistinct). Yeah, so this is, yeah, OK?  Yeah, well, we can’t they’re in ah FAA airspace.  Well we can, we can. Yeah, they’re ours. (Indistinct) they’re mine.