56.  090925 Langley BS Norfolk Tower

Powell:  Giant Killer.

Giant Killer:  Giant Killer’s on.

Powell:  This is Huntress placing Quit two five, two six on battle stations, time one three one zero, authenticate charlie victor, that is Quit two five two six on battle stations all parties acknowledge with initials. Command post.

Powell:  Langley.

Langley:  (Indistinct).

Powell:  Tower.

Tower:  (Indistinct).

Powell:  How about command post?

Command Post:  (Indistinct).

Powell:  O D C, say again?

Giant Killer:  Giant Killer is out

Powell:  No, the female who was that?

Unknown:  (Indistinct) needed?

Powell:  No, you’re cleared to drop. Giant Killer you’re cleared to drop. Tower you’re cleared to drop.