58.  085850 AA77 1st Contact AA Dispatch

American Airlines:  American dispatch, Jim McDonald.

Indianapolis Center:  This Indianapolis Center, we’re trying to get a hold of American 77.

American Airlines:  Ah, Indy, hang on one second please.

Indianapolis Center:  What?

American Airlines:  Hang on one second sir.

Indianapolis Center:  Alright.

American Airlines:  Who you tryin’ to get a hold of?

Indianapolis Center:  American 77.

American Airlines:  Ok.

Indianapolis Center:  On frequency one two zero point two seven.

American Airlines:  One two zero—

Indianapolis Center: Point two seven. We were talkin’ to him and all of a sudden it just ah—

American Airlines:  Ok. Alright we’ll get a hold of him for ya.

Indianapolis Center:  Alright.