59.  090248 AA77 ZID 2d contact AA Dispatch

American Airlines:  American dispatch, Jim McDonald.

Indianapolis Center:  Yes, this is Indianapolis Center. We, ah, don't know if we talked to the same guy, about American 77.

American Airlines:  Yeah, I (indistinct) called him, but I didn’t get a reply back from them.

Indianapolis Center:  We, we, ah, lost track control of the guy. He’s in coast track, so we have, we don’t really know where his target is and we can’t get a hold of him. Ah—

American Airlines:  I tried.

Indianapolis Center:  You guys tried him and no response?

American Airlines:  No response.

            [Background] Unknown: (Indistinct).

Indianapolis Center:  Yeah, we have no radar contact and, ah, no communications with him, so if you guys can try him again.

American Airlines:  We’re doin’ it.

Indianapolis Center:  Alright. Thanks a lot.

American Airlines: We’re doin’ it. Thank you.