61.  091626 AA11 AA77 ATCSCC King with Halleck AAL

King:  Are you able to confirm anything within your airline to us?

Halleck:  No, unfortunately, ah—

King:  How about, can you tell me if we know for sure if it was American 11 that went into the Trade Center or not?

Halleck:  We think that’s who it was.

King:  Ok.

Halleck:  And we’re missin’ another flight also.

King:  Ah, what flight are you missing?

Halleck:  77.

King:  And when is the last time you knew for sure something about him?

Halleck:  Ah, he was in, ah, wait a minute, well there’s a, I don’t know how he got up there.

King:  There’s a data block (indistinct)

Halleck:  But 77 is up there also.

King:  Ok.

Halleck:  He’s out of Dulles.

King:  Ok, and—

Halleck:  Dulles LA, and they both ah apparently have been hijacked, and 11 is we’re pretty sure is in there and, and, ah, 77, we were talkin’ to him according to Indianapolis Center

King:  Uh huh.

Halleck:  About 45 minutes ago, and, uh, in Indy Center.

King:  Uh huh.

Halleck:  I don’t know he got to, to, ah, back to the Trade Center. I have no idea if, if that happened.

King:  Ok. It may not have, we have another call sign, of course we don’t know for sure, any of these call signs right now, but, if we find that it’s your aircraft we’ll certainly give you a call.

Halleck:  So, ah, you have ah, you have two airplanes in the Trade Center?

King:  Yes.

Halleck:  And ah you don’t know who either one of them are, for sure?

King:  Yeah, that’s true

Halleck:  Ok.

King:  If I did, I would share it with you.

Halleck:  Ok. Thanks (indistinct).

King:  Alright. Bye, Bill.