62.  093151 FAA TACNET Wrong Recap Line 5114


FAA:  (Indistinct) Boston FBI.

FBI:  Go ahead FBI is on.

FAA:  Ok. We have two reports, preliminary information, ah, believe to be American Airlines flight 77 and flight 11, ah, collided with World Trade Center. Ah, also, a preliminary report, ah, United Airlines flight 175 off radar. Ah, no further information.

            [Background] Unknown: (Indistinct) get that set up. Right. Yes

FBI:  Ok. So that’s American 77 and United 175?

FAA:  That’s correct.

FBI:  Um, do we have their, ah, input of origin on both of those?

FAA:  Ok, back to FBI. It’s American flight 77, second flight is 11. Ah, those are the two aircraft believed to be involved with World Trace Center. Ah, route is reported as Dulles to Los Angeles for 77 and Boston to Los Angeles for 11. United Airlines is not, ah, believed to be involved in World Trade Center at this time.

FBI:  Ok. So it’s American 77 and American 11?

FAA:  That’s, ah, that’s correct.

FBI:  American 11 was Boston to LA?

FAA:  Ah, that’s the report I’ve got.

FBI:  Ok, and the other one was Dulles to LA?

FAA:  Dulles to LAX.

[Background] FAA: I’ve got, ah, ah, two flights here now. The second one was American Airlines 77.

FBI:  Ok, so it’s 77 and 11?

            [Background] FAA: Now a Dulles to LA.

FAA:  That’s affirmative. The other report was regarding United 175. We had a report that it was, ah, off the radar, ah—

[Background] FAA:  (Indistinct) United Airlines was not involved.

FBI:  Ok, is that, ah, where was that United 175 from?

[Background] FAA:  FAA Washington operations. Please be advised that calls may be monitored. Please stand by (indistinct).

FAA:  Ah, we’re getting conflicting reports on that, ah, FBI, on the 175.

FBI:  Where did it go off radar?

            [Background] Unknown:  United 1, oh, 175.

FAA:  Stand by please. Back to FBI. I’ve got a report from eastern, FAA eastern region air traffic, that it dropped off radar that it dropped over Indiana.