69.  092140 Still Airborne Scramble Langley Tail Chase

[Background] Unknown:  Ok, third aircraft hijacked, heading towards Washington.

Nasypany:  Ok, ah, American Airlines is still airborne, 11, the first guy, he’s heading toward Washington.  OK,  I think we need to scramble Langley right now and I’m, I’m gonna take the fighters from Otis and try to chase this guy down if I can find him.

Nasypany:  Yeah

Nasypany:  You sure?

Nasypany:  Ok, he’s heading towards Langley, or I should say Washington.  American 11, the original guy, he’s still airborne. We’re still (indistinct) gettin’ a—

Nasypany:  We’re gettin’ a position.  Got a position?

[Background] Unknown:  (Indistinct) got a hijack real world, gotta go.

Nasypany:  Ok.

Nasypany:  Foxy, scramble Langley.  Head ‘em toward the Washington area.

Fox:  Roger that.

Nasypany:  Could be American—

[Background] Unknown: Hold on a second.

Nasypany:  We’re tryin’ to get a code on this guy right now. We do have a tail number. It’s a—

Nasypany:   Uhooh, we are, it’s ah, uuuuh, what was the tail number?

[Background] Unknown:  Panta four five four six.

Sr. ID Tech:  November three three four alpha alpha.

Nasypany:  November three three four alpha alpha. If we can find him. We, we’re gettin’, we’re tryin’ to get, we’re tryin’ to get the modes, tryin’ to get the position on this guy. So, (indistinct) then we’ll run on him.

Nasypany:  Yep. Ok. Bye.

[Background] Unknown:  Ok.