70.  092427 NEADS BC Update Forget Tail Chase

Nasypany:  Ok, right now what we’re running with out there is two by zero by two by guns for Langley, two gan— and two, ah, two tanks. Ok. Also, we have the Panta four five four six, zero by ten by two by guns, three tanks. Let me give you another head—

[Background] Unknown: Try and get into a tail chase with this American one one headed toward Washington, if we can find him.

Nasypany:  Three tanks, affirmative. Plus I have, ah, more stuff available if I need it from the SOF there. Also, I have a tanker, a Maine 85.

Nasypany:  Ok you got the tanker, I have additional tankers out of McGuire, KC 10s. Team call sign, I’m not sure on the, ah, numbers, two two and two three. Two KC 10s. I’m sticking ‘em in ah Whiskey107. Yeah, and did you get the word that Langley got scrambled.

[Background] Unknown:  Go ahead, sir.

Nasypany:  Yes

Background:  OK, we couldn’t find the position on the airplane

Nasypany::  They just got scrambled about, ah, two minutes ago. No, that’s Ok.

[Background] Unknown:  FO. FO says forget the tail chase, even though we couldn’t find him.

Nasypany:  Yeah, great, that’s great.