71.  092847 AA11 ID Summary call to Unknown

ID Tech:  Hi, this is Huntress calling, umm, I was told to give you a buzz for our, our Mission Crew Commander. Any information? I guess three aircraft out of Boston are missing and apparently two of them have hit the World Trade Center and one is enroute to Washington, did you get that information?

ID Tech:  Yeah.

ID Tech:  American one one is not the aircraft that crashed, it is still airborne, did you get that information?

ID Tech:  That’s what we just found out

ID Tech:  We don’t know where it is though, it’s headed toward Washington, was the last known information.

Sr. ID Tech:  Washington better get on the loop.

ID Tech:  Right, and I don’t know but somebody’s gotta get the President goin’. This is not good.

[Background] Sr. ID Tech:  They’d better start looking for this guy.

ID Tech:  Ah, yeah, we just hung up. I’m not goin’ to say too much right now, but, ah, I wanted to give you a heads up.  Ah, do you have any information though where American one one is, or anything?

Sr. ID Tech:  See this guy, they, Boston is the only one givin’ us any kinds of decent, freaking input.

ID Tech:  Just want to, just want to say one more thing, too, ah, Washington, I don’t know if they don’t think this is serious, or not, but they are not, unless they hear from like the centers.  If you could give them a heads up and let them know that this is—

ID Tech:  Washington Center, they’re not really, not at all, ok sir?

Sr. ID Tech:  We’ve got to get a point out on that American Airlines.

[Background] Unknown:  We do, we’ve got it on Langley scrambled.

ID Tech:  Boston is calling Washington right now.

Sr. ID Tech:  They got him?

[Background] Unknown:  I don’t know if he’s on him yet, but Langley is scrambled to intercept (indistinct) and headed for Washington (indistinct) the fighters over (indistinct)

ID Tech:  (Indistinct) I just talked to them.

Sr. ID Tech:  And I’d have the President airborne, wherever.

Sr. ID Tech: What’s up?

ID Tech:  Uh, Boston has no clue where they are and he’s goin’ let Washington Center know that this is very serious.

Sr. ID Tech:  Good.

ID Tech:  (Indistinct).

Sr. ID Tech:  Yeah, fuckin’—

ID Tech:  So.

Sr. ID Tech:  Hey—

[Background] Unknown:  American Airlines headed toward DC (indistinct)

ID Tech:  I do, I lat long—

Sr. ID Tech:  Hey, anybody good at math? Take a lat, last lat long and they were doin’ two hundred and ninety knots.

ID Tech:  Did you get the third call sign?

Sr. ID Tech:  Headed toward Washington.

Sr. ID Tech:  The Z point that was the American Airlines one.

Sr. ID Tech:  No, our first our first Z point, yeah, that was the American Airlines, that was our lat long on him.

[Dial tone]