72.  093212 AA11 AA77 ID Summary ZDC loss of AA77

ID Tech:  Open line.

ID Tech:  Huntress ID, unsecure line.

Washington Center:  Huntress ID, this is Washington Center, the Operations Manager, ah—

ID Tech:  Go ahead sir.

Washington Center:  Ok, I guess you’d called here a couple of times, you never talked to me, but if there’s anything you need, or anything I can help you with, let, let me know what it is right now please.

ID Tech:  Ok, ah, do you want me to let you know what we have going on, sir?

Washington Center:  I would, yes, well I have a pretty good idea, but yes.

ID Tech:  Ok, there are three aircraft missing out of Boston. We spoke to Boston, and they said they’re not sure of the third aircraft call sign but they do have two, one of them is United one seven five.

Washington Center:  Uh huh.

ID Tech:  And one is American one one. They thought that the American one one was the aircraft that crashed into the World Trade Center with the United one seven five. However, American one one is not the aircraft that crashed. He said the pilot on American one one was talking to him, having a rough time telling him what’s going on, there was threats in the cockpit being made. This was the initial, ah, hijack information that we got, American one one, it’s a seven sixty seven, from Boston to Los Angeles. Proposed route he was headed towards JFK at the time that they lost contact, but that was not the aircraft headed ah into the World Trade Center, that hit it.

Washington Center:  Ok.

ID Tech:  What Boston’s saying, he, the last known, and I’m not sure where we heard it, through the grapevine, people calling, is that American one one was headed toward Washington, and that’s the only thing.

Washington Center:  Was headed toward where?

ID Tech:  Washington.

Washington Center:  Ok.

ID Tech:  So, your AOR, and I just wanted to give you a heads up.

Washington Center:  Ok, now—

ID Tech:  The last—

Washington Center:  Ok. Go ahead.

ID Tech:  The last lat long that we had, primary target only, was four zero three eight north, zero seven four zero three west on American one one.

Washington Center:  Ok.

ID Tech:  But again, remember nothing has been confirmed as far as which aircraft have hit the World Trade Center but the other one we have is information headed towards Washington.

Washington Center:  Ok, now let me tell you this; I, we’ve been lookin’, we also lost American 77.

ID Tech:  American 77.

Sr. ID Tech:  Ok, American 77 lost.

ID Tech:  Where was he proposed to head, sir?

Washington Center:  Excuse me.

ID Tech:  Where was he proposed to head?

Sr. ID Tech:  American 77.

Washington Center:  Ok, he was going to LA also.

Sr. ID Tech:  He was goin’ to LA.

ID Tech:  He was goin’ to LA.

Washington Center:  Now, uh—

ID Tech:  From where, sir?

Washington Center:  Ah, I think he was from Boston, also.

Sr. ID Tech:  Boston to LA.

Washington Center:  Now let me tell you this story here. Ah, Indy, Indianapolis Center was workin’ this guy—

ID Tech:  What guy?

Washington Center:  American 77.

ID Tech:  Ok.

Washington Center:  At flight level three five zero, however—

[Background] Sr. ID Tech:  (Indistinct).

Washington Center:  They lost radar with him, they lost contact with him, they lost everything and they don’t have any idea where he is or what happened.  So what we’ve done at the round—surrounding centers here is to tell everyone to look out for limited codes, primary targets or whatever the case may be.

ID Tech:  Ok.

Washington Center:  And that was the last time, that was about fifteen minutes ago, since I talked to the Indianapolis Center, ah, Operations Manager

ID Tech:  Do you have a type aircraft sir?

Washington Center:  That was a seven sixty seven I believe.

Sr. ID Tech:  Seven sixty seven.

ID Tech:  Ok, and, ah, right, so I don’t call Indianapolis unless I have to—

Washington Center:  Somebody else is talking. I’m sorry. I can’t hear you in background.

ID Tech:  Umm, all I need is the lat long, last known position of the seven sixty seven.

Washington Center:  Well I don’t know, that was Bos— that was Indy Center. But they said somewhere, it was, last time I talked to ‘em they said that it was East of York, and I don’t even know what state that is.

ID Tech:  Ok, sir, well I’m goin’ to go ahead and just give them a call.

Washington Center:  Ok.

ID Tech:  Thank you, sir.

Washington Center:  Thanks.