73.  093536 AA77 Scoggins VFR 6 Miles

ID Tech:  Huntress ID, Sgt (indistinct) how can I help you?

Scoggins:  Our latest report the aircraft VFR six miles southeast of the White House.

ID Tech:  Six miles southeast of the White House?

Scoggins:  Yep. East. He’s moving away.

ID Tech:  Southeast of the White House?

Scoggins:  Aircraft is moving away.

ID Tech:  He’s moving away from the White House?

Scoggins:  Yeah.

ID Tech:  Ok, but, what, he was a DVFR?

Scoggins:  We believe just, we just know it’s a VFR aircraft, we’re not sure who he is, ah, if you want to hold on a second. We got—

ID Tech:  Ok, copy.

Scoggins:  We have people down there lookin’.

ID Tech:  Ok, copy.

Scoggins:  Where was that position?

Scoggins:  Six, six southwest, six southwest of the White House deviating away.

ID Tech:  Deviating away, you don’t have a type aircraft, you don’t know who he is?

Scoggins:  Nothing, nothing.

ID Tech:  It’s a DVFR?

Scoggins:  We’re in Boston, so I have no clue. Hopefully someone in Washington would have a better, information for you.

ID Tech:  Ok.

Scoggins:  Is this a good number to keep calling?

ID Tech:  Yeah. This is a great number to keep calling.

Scoggins:  Ok, all right.

ID Tech:  Washington, Ok. So it’s six miles. You guys have him primary target only?

Scoggins:  We just have a telcon. We don’t have any target at all up here, we’re just on a telcon. We just heard that and wanted to make sure you got that information.

ID Tech:  Ok, can you do me a favor and go ahead and fill, uh, Bo— umm Washington in on this?

Scoggins:  I’ll try and give ‘em a call. I don’t have a number for them.

ID Tech:  Ok, I’ll give you a good number, then. Washington’s number is, nine

Scoggins:  What is it?

ID Tech:  Ok, the number DSN is xxx-xx

Scoggins:  And what was New York’s?

ID Tech:  New York number that we’ve got for them is ah, x-xxx

Scoggins:  Oh, so you don’t have a DSN?

ID Tech:  No, I don’t have a DSN for New York, we have a shout line.

Scoggins:  Ok, I have that already.

ID Tech:  Ok.

Scoggins:  They do have a DSN, I just don’t (indistinct).

ID Tech:  (Indistinct) on the DVFR, sir, that was six miles?

Scoggins:  No, no information at all. You would be better talking with Washington.

ID Tech:  I’m sorry, sir, is it a deviating aircraft or is it a DVFR?

Scoggins:  Ok, that’s what you have?

ID Tech:  No, no sir, on the one that was six miles southeast of the White House?

Scoggins:  Yeah, southwest.

ID Tech:  Southwest?

Scoggins:  Yeah, southwest.

ID Tech:  Ok, southwest of the White House. Was he a DVFR? Or you don’t have any codes on it, but was he an actual deviating aircraft?

Scoggins:  We believe, he, I guess, yes, they believe now he was a deviating aircraft.

ID Tech:  (Indistinct) believe that he is a deviating aircraft.

Scoggins:  Yeah.

ID Tech:  Ok, copy.

Scoggins:  You’d get more out of Washington than you would from me.

ID Tech:  Ok, copy.

Scoggins:  Ok.

ID Tech:  Copy.

Scoggins:  I’m just passing information.

ID Tech:  Ok.