74.  093836 AA77 ID call to ZDC Boston Space Don’t Know Anything

Washington Center:  Washington.

ID Tech:  Washington, Huntress, ah, Boston just called us. They said they had information about some aircraft that was six miles southwest of the White House that appeared to be deviating.

Washington Center:  Boston does?

ID Tech:  Boston called and said that I’d have to get the information from you on it. They don’t have a call sign for the aircraft. They don’t have any codes for the aircraft. They just know that there’s one that was six miles southwest of the White House.

Washington Center:  Ok, well Boston’s airspace doesn’t even come close to that, I don’t know how they got that information, but ah, we don’t— hey— Ok, we, we don’t know anything about that.

ID Tech:  Ok, you don’t know anything about that.

Washington Center:  No, we do not and it’s probably just a rumor, but ah, you might want to call ah, ah, National or Andrews somebody, somewhere like that and find out, but we don’t any thing about that.

ID Tech:  Copy thanks.

Washington Center:  Ok, Bye.

ID Tech:  Bye.