75.  093621 Langley DirectDC AFIO Monster Mash

Nasypany:  Near the White House, Jesus, Fox.

Unknown:  That came from Boston?

SGT Huckabone:  We’re goin’ to turn and burn and crank it up, ok, here we go, this is what we’re gonna do here.

Nasypany:  Sir, we’ve got an aircraft (indistinct) east of the White House right now.

SGT Huckabone:  The monster mash.

Nasypany:  Ok.

Unknown:  What happened?

Unknown:  From FAA?

Unknown:  Is that airline right now?

Nasypany:  Run ‘em.

Radio transmission:  Team two one, do you us want relay?

Nasypany:  Authorizing AFIO, right now? You want to authorize it?

Background:  I can’t get through.

Radio transmission:  Yeah, we’re hearing him loud and clear

Unknown:  What’re we doin’?

Background:  Goin’ direct DC with our guys

Nasypany:  AFIO?

[Background] Unknown: (Indistinct) him right now.