77.  132230 (092330) Langley Scramble Norfolk Tower

Klaxon sounds

Huntress:  Langley Command Post.

Langley Command Post:  Langley Command Post on.

Powell:  Alright, this is Huntress with an active air defense scramble for Quit two five and two six, I repeat an active air defense scramble for Quit 25, 26. Scramble immediately, time one three two four, authenticate, bravo x-ray, scramble on a heading of zero one zero, flight level two niner zero.  Contact Huntress on frequency two three four decimal six and back up three six four decimal two. Do all parties acknowledge with initials, Langley Command Post?

Langley Tower:  (Indistinct).

Langley Command Post:  Command Post.

Unknown:  (Indistinct).

Powell:  Three six four decimal two.

Unknown:  (Indistinct) copy.

Powell:  Giant Killer copy?

Norfolk Approach:  (Indistinct) copy.

Powell:  (Indistinct) if you have any questions give me a call me on the land line.

Langley Command Post:  Ok.