78.  093100 Langley What Heading would like hand off Giant Killer

Quit 25:  (Indistinct) Norfolk Departure, Quit 25 is with, ah, on approach one five for two nine oh, friendly heading.

Norfolk Approach:  Quit 25, Norfolk Approach, roger. Ah, maintain flight level, ah, two three zero for now. What heading would you like, sir?

Norfolk Approach:  Quit 25, if you can go east bound, heading, ah, maintain flight level two three zero.

Norfolk Approach:  Quit 25, Norfolk approach, how do you hear?

Quit 25:  (Indistinct).

Quit 25:  Norfolk, Quit 25 is with you climbing to twelve thousand for two three oh

Norfolk Approach:  Quit 25 Norfolk Approach have you loud and clear, how me?

Quit 25: I gotcha loud and clear now.

Norfolk Approach:  Quit 25, roger. Have your third man squawk four six zero zero.

Quit 25:  Will do.

Norfolk Approach:  Quit 25, you goin’ direct to the Langley zero nine zero and six zero, is that where you’re goin?

Quit 25:  Affirmative. (Indistinct). That is our second clearance. We had an earlier clearance of a vector and an altitude.

Norfolk Approach:  Quit 25, roger.

Norfolk Approach:  Giant Killer, two fifty six, Quit 25.

Giant Killer:  Giant Killer’s on.

Norfolk Approach:  Flight of three, third man’s squawkin’ right now.

Norfolk Approach:  They are direct to the Langley ninety at sixty, climbin’ at two three oh

Giant Killer:  He’s radar.

Norfolk Approach:  Quit 25, contact Giant Killer on two three eight point one

Giant Killer:  Copy two thirty eight point one, Quit push.