79.  093927 D1989 ID Scoggins 3d ac is D1989

Richmond:  Sergeant Richmond, unsecure line, how may I help you?

Scoggins:  Colin Scoggins, Boston Center military.

Richmond:  Yes sir.

Scoggins:  Third aircraft, Delta 1989.

ID Tech Unknown:  Ok.

ID Tech Unknown:  Delta 1989.

Richmond:  Ok. Type aircraft?

Scoggins:  Type aircraft?

Richmond:  Yes sir.

Scoggins:  Code, did I give you a code?

Richmond:  Yes, give me the code.

Scoggins:  One three zero four, presently due south of Cleveland.

Richmond:  Ok. Presently due south of Cleveland.

Scoggins:  Heading westbound destination Las Vegas.

Richmond:  Heading westbound destination Las Vegas.

ID Tech Unknown:  And is this one a hijack sir?

Scoggins:  We believe it is.

ID Tech Unknown:  You believe it is.

Richmond:  And are they gonna to squawk hijack?

Scoggins:  I don’t know, I don’t know, they, it’s squawking thirteen oh four now if you want to try to track him up.

ID Tech Unknown:  Ok, and the type aircraft is what sir?

Scoggins:  Ah, do we have a type aircraft on that Delta?

Scoggins:  Delta 1989. I think he’s on there.

Scoggins:  Seven sixty seven.

Richmond:  Seven sixty seven.

Scoggins:  And altitude?

Richmond:  Yes please.

Scoggins:  Three five oh.

ID Tech Unknown:  And where did he take off out of sir?

Scoggins:  He took off out of Boston.

ID Tech Unknown:  Boston?

Scoggins:  Yeah. We’re goin to try and get you a tail number on that if you want to get someone up there.

Richmond:  Alright. Copy that.

ID Tech Unknown:  Do you, uh, by any chance know how many souls on board?

Colin Scoggins:  Ah, no, we don’t have that information

ID Tech Unknown:  You don’t have any of that?

Richmond:  There he is.

ID Tech Unknown:  Copy that. Thank you sir.

Richmond:  Do you want me to (indistinct). I’m going to make (indistinct).

Scoggins:  We’re going to try and get you a tail number.

Richmond:  Ok. Thanks. Bye.

[Background] Sr. ID Tech:  Hey, we have a Delta.