82.  094241 AA11 D1989 ID Scoggins Extended Discussion

ID Tech Unknown:  Ok, so you don’t know who the one, what’s the third, ok, what’s the third one, the third aircraft, you guys don’t know who—

Scoggins:  We believed it was Delta 1989. However, when we asked him to respond to ACARS to land at Cleveland he said he would. So, therefore, I don’t know if ah, ah—

ID Tech Unknown:  And that’s the one that they—

Scoggins.  I don’t know if he is a hijack or not. I really don’t know.

ID Tech Unknown:  Ok.

Scoggins:  I can’t confirm that he is.

ID Tech Unknown:  Ok. Do you remember when we were talking about, ah, the, the aircraft by, you guys have any idea who that aircraft was by, ah—

Scoggins:  By the White House?

ID Tech Unknown:  Yeah.

Scoggins:  We thought for some reason to believe it was American 11. I don’t know if we heard that from somebody else, that they got a visual on him that it was American Airlines or what. We just don’t know. So, we don’t know, ah, which aircraft that was. So, we have three call signs, we don’t know what the third call sign is yet. So, we have two aircraft in the towers, and one in the Pentagon and we don’t know what that third call sign was.

ID Tech Unknown:  You don’t know what the third call sign was?

Scoggins:  No, we originally thought Delta 1989 was it. But now we have a third (indistinct), possibly four aircraft.  Are you, are you still tracking Delta 1989?

ID Tech Unknown:  Yes, sir, we still are. What—

Scoggins:  Is he descending into Cleveland, appear to be?

ID Tech Unknown:  Right now, no. He’s at, he’s at twenty eight thousand feet, three hundred ninety six knots, still squawking his code.

Scoggins:  Still squawking?

ID Tech Unknown:  Yeah, it looks like he’s by Toledo.

Scoggins:  By Toledo. Doesn’t look like he’s landing?

ID Tech Unknown:  No.

Scoggins:  Ok. Ah—

ID Tech Unknown:  No, he’s at twenty seven thousand feet.

Scoggins:  At twenty seven?

ID Tech Unknown:  Yeah.

Scoggins:  Oh. Then he is—

Sr. ID Tech:  Sir.

Scoggins:  Yeah.

Sr. IT Tech:  Excuse me. I’m sorry, where would he be right now if he was, ah, going to be landed in Cleveland, would he be descended?

Scoggins:  He would be descended now.

Sr. ID Tech:  He would be descended and, and speed would be slowing?

Scoggins:  Speed would be slowing.

Sr. ID Tech:  Oh, looks like he’s not gonna go there.

Scoggins: Doesn’t look like he’s going to Cleveland?

Sr. ID Tech:  Nope. Ok. Yep.