83.  095934 NEADS MCC What Are We Going To Do

Nasypany:  We got, uh, well here’s the deal.

Nasypany:  Uh, (indistinct) they just did a quick turn, they got no weapons.  They just did a strafing run up to the range, they blew all their load.

Nasypany:  Yeah, I know. But we got two, they’re loitering, and we are gonna send them down to do investigations.

Nasypany:  Two from Selfridge are airborne already. I got two more from Toledo. This, that special track is over, ah, the, what do you call it, over the lake right now.

Nasypany:  So what are we going to do with it, if it is it?

Nasypany:  What are we going to do? I gotta give my guys directions.