87.  0928 UA93 last normal and first trouble

Cleveland Center Controller:  United 93, that traffic for you is one o’clock, twelve miles eastbound, three seven zero.

UA93:  Negative contact, we’re looking, United ninety three.

UA93:  Hey (indistinct yelling).

Cleveland Center Controller:  Somebody call Cleveland?

AA1060:  Roger American, ah, 1066, with you. We’re at three seven oh, we’re, ah, slowing, ah, due to the delays if possible going eastbound.

Cleveland Center Controller:  That’s American 1066?

UA93:  (Indistinct yelling) mayday (indistinct yelling).

Cleveland Center Controller:  You got United 93?

Cleveland Center Controller 2:  United 93, south of Chardon, descended.

Cleveland Center Controller:  What’s that?

Cleveland Center Controller 2:  I just sayin’ it looks like he descended there.

Cleveland Center Controller: I don’t think so. United 93, verify three five zero.

Cleveland Center Controller 2.  United 93, Cleveland

Cleveland Center:  Go ahead (indistinct).

Cleveland Center Controller 2:  Do you have United 93 south of Chardon?

Cleveland Center:  We hear some funny noises we’re trying to get him. Do you have him?

Cleveland Center Controller 2:  No.

Cleveland Center:  Thank You. United 93, Cleveland.

Cleveland Center Controller:  United 1523 did you hear your company, ah, did you hear, ah, some interference on the frequency, ah, couple a minutes ago, screaming?

United1523:  Yes I did seven ninety seven and, ah, we couldn’t tell what it was either.

Cleveland Center Controller:  Ok. United 93, Cleveland, if you hear the center, ident.

AA1060:  American 1060. Ditto on the other transmissions.

Cleveland Center Controller:  American 1060, you heard that also?

AA1060:  Yes sir, twice.

Cleveland Center Controller:  Roger, we heard that also, thanks, just wanted to confirm it wasn’t some interference.