89.  0934 UA93 moves other traffic including D1989

Unknown:  Yeah, that transmission you said was unreadable, it sounded like someone said they had a bomb on board.

Cleveland Center:  That’s what we thought, we, ah, we didn’t get it clear. Is that United 93 calling?

Medex150:  Center, Medex 150.

Cleveland Center:  Medex 150, ah, stand by if you would unless you got an emergency.

Medex150:  Standing by.

Cleveland Center:  Roger. US Air 2542 Cleveland on one twenty five point four two.

USAIR2542:  2542 US Air Cleveland.

[Background] Unknown: Indistinct.

Cleveland Center:  ExecJet 956 that aircraft we believe was transmitting is twelve o’clock one five miles turn left heading two two five, I’ll get you away from him.

ExecJet 956:  two two five, ExecJet 956.

Cleveland Center:  One six mike foxtrot fly heading one two zero, I’ll get you away from that.

Fox:  Flying one twenty I’m heading, Mike Fox.

Cleveland Center: 561 Alfa Charlie fly heading zero nine zero.

561AC:  Zero nine zero, one alfa charlie.

Cleveland Center:  Roger, American ten sixty fly heading eight niner zero

Unknown:  (Indistinct).

Cleveland Center:  Roger

ExecJet 956:  Center, ExecJet 956, what’s that traffic for us again?

Cleveland Center:  Say again.

ExecJet 956:  That traffic we’re turning for, is that about a two to three o’clock?

Cleveland Center:  It is one to two o’clock, yeah, two to three o’clock as you turn.

ExecJet 956:  Alright, we’ve got him on TCAS, I think we got him.

Cleveland Center:  He’s climbing, so I want to keep everyone away from him.

ExecJet 956:  Ok, I think we’ve got him in sight.

Cleveland Center:  Delta 1989, ah, Cleveland.

D1989:  Yes sir.

Cleveland Center:  Delta 1989, ah, turn right to a heading of, ah, three two zero.

D1989:  Alright, Delta 1989, heading three two zero.

Cleveland Center:  Ok, Delta 1989, we’re gonna go the other way, fly a heading of, ah, two six zero.

D1989:  Alright, two six zero, Delta 1989.

Cleveland Center:  Delta 1989.