91.  094106 UA93 lost transponder controller talks to two airplanes

Cleveland Center:  United 93 do you hear Cleveland Center? Ok, American ten six and Executive 956, we just lost the target on that aircraft.

ExecJet 956:  Ok. 956. We had a visual on him. Just stand by.

Cleveland Center:  Do you have a visual on him now?

ExecJet 956:  Ah, we did, but we lost him in the turn. We just make a quick—

Cleveland Center:  I had a thirty seven aircraft right behind you on a vector also, that maybe who you saw. Do you have a visual on him now, ah, Executive 956? If you could make a turn back to two twenty heading, let me know if you could see him.

ExecJet 956:  Yeah, he’s still there, we got him for 956.

Cleveland Center:  He’s still there, ah, northwest of you about 25 miles?

ExecJet 956:  Affirmative for 956.