93.  0934 UA93 ZOB Reports Bomb on Board

Cleveland Center:  United 93 may have a bomb on board.

Herndon Center:  Ok, United 93. Who’s speaking?

Cleveland Center:  Cleveland Center.

Herndon Center:  Ok, Cleveland, what’s his origination and destination?

[Background] Cleveland Center Unknown:  Out of Newark going to San Francisco.

Cleveland Center:  Out of Newark going to San Francisco. His position is, twenty, fifteen east, actually he’s further than that. He’s east of Dryer. His exact position is 30 miles East of Dryer.

Herndon Center:  Ok. You have a transponder on this aircraft or did he go primary?

Cleveland Center:  At this time he’s, ah, code one five two seven, and we still have a transponder.

Herndon Center:  Ok, and can you give me any additional information as to why you believe there may be a bomb?

Cleveland Center:  Ah, because he’s screaming that on the frequency.

Herndon Center:  Ok, very good. Anyone else? Alright, I’m disconnecting now.