Rutgers University Law Review is the flagship law journal of Rutgers Law School and is a professional publication devoted to critical discussions of current legal problems.

Issued five times a year, it includes lead articles by practitioners and scholars, as well as student contributions in the form of notes and case comments. Each year, the fourth issue of the Law Review is devoted to a survey of state constitutional law and the fifth issue is devoted to a symposium held at the Newark campus.

Recent Issues

Volume 75 | Winter 2023 | Issue 2

ARTICLES A Historical and Originalist Defense of Abortion in[…]

Volume 75, Fall 2022, Issue 1

ARTICLES Party Games: The Supreme Court’s 21 Century Jurisprudence[…]

Volume 74, Summer 2022, Issue 5

The Future Is Unwritten: Reclaiming the Twenty-Sixth Amendment Yael[…]

Volume 74, Summer 2022, Issue 4

Introduction Robert F. Williams This is the thirty-second Annual[…]

Volume 74, Winter 2022, Issue 2

ARTICLES Distinguishing Between Inferior and Non-Inferior Officers Under the[…]

Volume 74, Fall 2021, Issue 1

Abortion Privilege Ederlina Co This Article launches a critical[…]

Annual Symposia

Our Newark location hosts an annual symposium dedicated to exploring critical and contemporary legal issues. Each year, we gather a distinguished panel of speakers from across the globe, including internationally acclaimed and award-winning legal experts, scholars, and practitioners.

Meet Our Executive Board

Meghan Pane

Editor-in-Chief (Newark)

Brooke Meyers

Editor-in-Chief (Camden)

Gianna Dano

Managing Editor (Newark)

Danielle King

Managing Editor (Camden)

Amanda Baker

Senior Articles Editor (Newark)

Joy Rosenberg

Senior Articles Editor (Camden)

Patrick Waters

Senior Commentaries Editor (Newark)

Brett Weise

Senior Commentaries Editor (Camden)