RULR 2024 Symposium: Global Democratic Decay and the Rule of Law

Co-Sponsored by the Rutgers Center for Transnational Law and Rutgers Center for European Studies

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In a democracy, no government official or private citizen stands above the law. Democratic government has been an issue at the forefront of legal and political discussions in regions including East Asia, Eastern Europe, and Southern South America in recent years. This Spring, Rutgers University Law Review will bring together a community of international scholars to discuss democracy and the rule of law in 2024. On April 12, 2024, the Law Review will host wide-ranging regional discussions examining topics including authoritarian pushback against democracy in Hong Kong and the impact of Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine. Sessions will consider broad trends, anticipated developments, region-specific hurdles or highlights, and scholars’ personal experiences in advocating for democracy. We plan to contextualize all discussions under the international rule of law. We encourage participating speakers and authors to consider how the international legal architecture we built after World War II is functioning and failing in the face of recent international crises, and how this structure has impacted the regions of their expertise. We hope the discussion will be a fruitful avenue to consider the role of the international legal community in preserving democracy and protecting human rights.

To that end, Law Review invites scholars, attorneys, lawmakers, and international law experts to submit paper proposals for inclusion in the Symposium Issue of Volume 76. The Law Review also invites those interested in participating on a panel to reach out regardless of whether they would like to submit their written work. More information on written submission requirements is provided below.


Submission Procedure. Send your proposals by email, attached as a Word or PDF document, to Rutgers University Law Review at

Proposals must include (i) your name and contact information; (ii) the title of the proposed article; (iii) a brief (one-page maximum) description of the article; and (iv) a current curriculum vitae. Authors may submit more than one proposal.

Length of Submissions: The Law Review is seeking articles between 10,000 and 14,000 words and essays between 4,000 and 6,000 words.

Notification. Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis and authors whose submissions are accepted will be notified via email.

Publication Opportunity. Final drafts of accepted articles must be submitted by May 31, 2024, by 11:59 PM. Acceptance for publication of any paper, proposal, or response to a presenter is at the sole discretion of Rutgers University Law Review.

Presentation Opportunity. Authors selected for publication may be invited to present their papers at the Symposium conference on April 12, 2024. Articles need not be finalized to be selected as a participant in the Symposium.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Law Review by email at